Texas Woman Accused of Murdering District Attorney

blood splatter murderThe wife of a former justice of the peace who lost his position after being convicted of felony burglary is now being accused of murdering her husband’s prosecutors.

Kim Lene Williams is being held on three counts of murder: two for killing a district attorney and his wife in March, and one for killing a prosecutor in January. The individuals she is accused of murdering worked together to convict her husband of theft and burglary in March 2012, costing him his position as a justice of the peace.

The arrest warrant said Williams confessed to her involvement in the deaths, but she claimed that her husband was the one behind the killings. He was recently arrested for making unrelated terrorist threats and is presently behind bars. He denies any involvement in these killings.

The victims of these slayings were reportedly so afraid for their safety after convicting Mr. Williams that they purchased handguns to protect themselves.

Williams’s bail is set to $10 million.