West Explosion Responder Arrested for Pipe Bomb

A paramedic who was among the first responders to last month’s West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion has been arrested for being in possession of a pipe bomb. So far, police are not disclosing whether his arrest is linked to the April 17 explosion, which killed 14 people, injured dozens more, and destroyed numerous homes in the small town north of Waco.

Bryce Reed was arrested after he admitted that explosive materials found on April 26 belonged to him. Police were alerted of these materials by an unsuspecting man who said Reed gave them to him.

While investigators were initially treating the explosion as an industrial accident, they opened their investigation up to include the possibility that it was a criminal act shortly after.

The investigation into Reed has turned up some rather unusual behavior from him, especially in the few weeks after the deadly explosion.

With the fear of domestic bombings gaining fuel in the United States, Reed will need an experienced attorney defending him from the severe charge possession of a destructive device he is facing.

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